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Elsa Duranceau

Candidate -

Wisconsin's Congressional

District 7

  • Born and raised in Merrill, Wisconsin.

  • UW-Madison Graduate

  • U.S. Air Force Veteran

  • Economic Development Professional

  • Passionate Community Servant

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Platform Overview

  • Codify our Right to Privacy which includes: private ownership of our bodies (autonomy), ownership of our image, our voice, and our likeness, women's right to abortion, and LGBTQ+ rights to gender affirming care.
  • Advocate for Child Care Funding
  • Ensure the Separation of Church and State
  • Passing the Equal Rights Amendment
  • Antitrust Law Enforcement
  • Climate Change & Environmental Protections
  • Increase Social Security Maximum Earning Limit
  • Decriminalize Plants
  • Justice and Prison Reform
  • Family Centered Immigration Reform
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